Racism is everywhere including sports

"There is no racism in football, and if ever anyone was racially abused in the field during a match, the victim must accept the racial abuse with hand-shake and the problem is solved."

This is the callous statement made by FIFA Boss Sepp Blatter, during his recent interview by CNN. This statement has caused criticism worldwide against Blatter, who seems to be in this world, but doesn't know what is going on in the world, in regard to racism in soccer. No one could believe a man in the calibre of Blatter, an overall soccer boss, could ever make such a statement.

Racism and discrimination in soccer are strong like a tornado sweeping objects across its path. It is like incurable cancer, eating the flesh of its victims, yet Blatter doesn't know about this. Real Zaragoza was fined 600 Euro, by a Spanish Football Federation, after a section of the fans chanted racial abuse at Barcelona forward player, Samuel E'too. 600euro fine? 

That is nothing. In regard to such cases and to avoid such things in football matches, fines should be between 10,000 and 20,000euro. This will convince the world that sports officials and organisations are working hard to eliminate racism in soccer entertainments.

In Italy, Ivory Coast defender, with the team Messina, threatened to stop a match in November 2005, after being a victim of football racism. In both Eastern and Western countries, England black players have been continuously victims of racial abuse on soccer fields. What is the significance of this racial abuse? Is it because the black players are incredibly good or just to stir racial hatred or bloodshed?

If the National Football Association, Ethnic Communities. and Anti-Racial Campaigners, want to convince the world that they are trying their best or working hard to eliminate racism in football, then "handshake" shouldn't be the solution.  Any footballer that abuses a black footballer with racial remarks must suffer a heavy fine that will go to the victim as a compensation. This will serve a lesson and racism in football would be less or eliminated.