Defiant child

" A wise child accepts a parent's discipline,
a mocker refuses to listen to correction."

There are so many verses in the Bible that speak about children. The one stated above at 'Proverbs 13. 1, is my favourite. Parents can never be happy when a child fails to listen to them. Every adult was once a child, but not every child has reached an adulthood. Parents, therefore, have the experience to bring up a child in the most disciplined manner to build a good future for the child.

It's unfortunate that today, our children are those that are trying to tell their parents that they know better than them. The way children are stubbornly behaving these days evidently tell us that we are now in a very wrong generation. Imagine, your only daughter that you want to give her the best education is now pregnant at the age of fourteen because every correction given to her were all ignored.

I visited a family in Antwerp. I have been there many times to see them because Sabrina's husband helps to fix my computer any time it breaks down. My last visit was a very sad one. I have made my mind never to go there again due to what I witnessed. Out of her children, one of her daughters at fourteen is the only one that is bringing misery, disrespect and discomfort to her family.

"Imagine my own child calling me a prostitute, throwing things, including knife at me. She has been throwing any object her hands could get at me and her father." Said Sabrina in tears. "It hurts so much when a child you love turns against you because of correction. At the age of fourteen, she wants to go out. I did allow her once but she came home very late. We were scared of her safety, so we decided not to give her that chance again. This made us a devil in her eyes." Sabrina concluded.

The question is "what is happening to our children that they simply do not like to listen to corrections? What are they looking for? It is now a fashion to see children smoking and sleeping around with young boys. It is like when a child hasn't made sex with a boy, she is a 'Mummy's child'-not brave. So young girls are now having sex indiscriminately with young boys. These young boys team up at cinema houses, squares, and amusement places to discuss the sex they had with these girls. This is morally wrong.

Would a mother spoil the child and spare the rod, because the child wouldn't listen? That mustn't be the solution. Whether a child is difficult or not it is always the responsibility of the parents to put a little common sense into the child's stubborn head. Parents mustn't forget that whenever anything bad happens to the child, they will be held responsible. So parents mustn't give up. They can always seek the best counselling for a troublesome child through many organisations.