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          A blind child

A BLIND CHILD is indeed a child that must be educated to have a good life like any normal child. It is therefore, important for a teacher to have knowledge of the child's ability, and determine his learning processes. The reason for teaching science to the blind is to provide the child with concepts of the world of nature.

Specifically, objectives why the child needs science is to help him identity his environment and animals, to give him understanding of the concepts of plant and animal growth, to teach him the meaning and uses of the calendar, the thermometer, and the clock, to bring him to understand the weather and to develop in his early concepts of the solar system.

The blind child becomes more familiar with more science concepts initially through instruction and demonstration by the teacher. The child should be helped to identify his interest in environment and life in general, as they apply directly to him. His lessons should be simple concepts and ideas that he might be easily understood. For example, teaching the nature of types of animals and sounds, the teacher should point out the common characteristics among those animals.

Each day, the child must be allowed to listen to the weather forecast on the radio. To make sure that the child is getting the message, the teacher can request him to recall the reported temperature and weather conditions. For the teacher to let child understand the calendar he must examine the braille calender everyday, that will keep him informed of the daily and past events and at the same time become familiar to the day, the month, and the year.

By the guide of the teacher, the braille clock should be available for instruction. At various intervals in the day's teaching, the child should examine the clock and set the hands according to the right time. A circle, semi-circle and a quarter circle are used as strong means of developing a child's knowlege of reading the time.  
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