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Black gangs

In every institution that accommodates people with different backgrounds, including schools and even hospitals, there is likely to be racism. I couldn’t believe on my hospital bed in Rome, Italy, in the early nineties, a nurse that refused to give me my daily medication, because of the colour of my skin. She completely neglected me and gave the task to someone else to do it.

Despite this bitter experience, I wouldn’t like to accept the fact that there are many racists in police uniforms that terrorised Blacks, because of racism and will do everything to put them behind bars. The law must work. If one commits crime, he must pay for his or her crime and as a matter of fact, “Black-related crime” have increased abnormally in recent years, landing many behind bars.

Where ever there are lots of Black concentration, there is always a crime. Morons, school dropouts, and frustrated teenagers formed gangs. After smoking the marijuana and feeding on cocaine, they take to the streets to terrorise and shoot people, including their fellow Blacks. They enjoy sitting by the television to watch and listen to the horrendous crime they have committed. Stiff-necked fools. What a waste of precious time and suffering by the mothers that carried the pregnancies of these monsters.

Growing up in Africa, I witnessed that poverty is the major cause to many problems such as stealing, crime, teenage pregnancy, and other social crimes. Many parents couldn’t educate a child because of the high cost of education. Yet the crime rate besides South Africa, is not as high in many African countries, as in Britain and America, where education is available without tears. 

There are so many Blacks in jail across Britain and America than Whites. Some argue that there are targets to police brutality and racism, but the question is “Why would one be incarcerated or put behind bars when innocent?” Others also say that Blacks are jailed than Whites because of cheap labour that is needed at the prisons. Whatever the case may be, why can’t people try to live a crime-free life?

If Black gangs would ever sit and take into consideration how gang violence have destroyed and continuously destroying the societies, also in Britain and America, they could turn a new leaf over- night. How does one expect to get a job to lead a decent life when your CV is full of crime and bloodshed? 

They say the best way to hide something from the Blackman is to write it in a book”. That means Black people don’t read. It is time to prove this statement wrong. Crime doesn’t pay. Education is the key to success.
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