A Muslim community in Britain

Immigration and political asylum request by people of Islamic background, in the United States of America and Western Europe, have doubled more than expected in recent years.

As they settle, society`s influence and integration change their mind and attitude against Islam, the religion they belonged to. These young girls begin to realise that `Islam` is a religion of burden, discrimination and domination against women, forcing women to stay indoors than the freedom and happiness they are looking for.

To follow the Western life, some ignore the dominant rules of the Islamic religion and even choose to stop wearing the traditional Muslim headscarves. It is there trouble starts brewing. Devout Muslim parents that can`t handle the influence of the Western cultures of which the Muslim girls are following become violent overnight, especially the males.

A Muslim girl that refuses to listen to her parents receives dead threats from her father. Some girls are brutally murdered by their families. This is totally insane. In Belgium, I interviewed a Muslim woman, with two beautiful twin girls, married to a Jamaican, if she isn`t scared of her life of marrying a Christian. `Scared of what? It`s my life, Islam doesn`t tell me what to do`, she said.

One thing Muslims living elsewhere than their countries of origin, have to understand is that society influences people. One can take a horse to the river but can`t for the animal to drink if not thirsty. Thus; if the girls do not want to follow the Islamic doctrine any longer, they should leave them alone. Killing is not a solution.

Instead of killing a Muslim woman in Europe or America, for `bringing dishonour on her family` as they say, they must return to the countries of origin. Muslim men must begin to understand that marrying a woman doesn`t make her his property. The women must equally get the same respect they give to their men.