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It`s great to be young. As a child, growing up in Africa, I could remember how happy I used to be when my father shares a bottle of Fanta or Coco-Cola to his children. Even though we were four in number, we were happy and proud of our father for providing us a bottle of Fanta.

We didn`t derive our happiness from the Fanta given to us, but the love our father had for us to buy that bottle of Fanta, was what made us happy.There is nothing a child likes more than love, care, happiness, toys and a healthy environment, yet many children in both Third World Countries and other Advanced Countries, are yet to experience what happiness is about.

Many children sometimes find themselves facing severe diverse problems more than the adults that brought them into the world.  Children are violently separated from parents, ending up in foster homes, the orphanage and other health institutions.

In the United States, the National Runaway Switchboard estimates  that about I.3 million runaway and homeless children are living on the streets and in Britain the Children Society is responsible for such issues, while in Belgium, `the Child Focus` is also actively dealing with truancy and other problems affecting children.

Many children are suffering worldwide, without any parents to cater for their welfare, yet there are are many people looking for a child without success. It`s the responsibility of parents to make a child happy. Children are national assets to development. They are the leaders of tomorrow. They must, therefore, be well treated. 
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