Many children are born into wrong hands

To discipline or correct a child, violence mustn't be the solution. It is sad to note that despite hundreds and thousands of people worldwide, looking for children without success, many children are been manhandled, tortured and killed by their own parents.

Horrible crimes against children keep on appearing in the news daily, without ceasing. The nature of some of these horrific crimes against children is beyond belief. Imagine, a three-year-old child pushed into a washing machine by his own father, then turned on the machine for several minutes, as a punishment to the child.

What error has the child done to deserve such a punishment, leading to his untimely death? At the nursery school which the child attends, it was reported that he threw a classmate's drawing, down the toilet. How could a drawing thrown into the toilet costs a child's life, when a child is not intelligent like an adult?

Irresponsible parents actually do not have the experience of bringing up children. Taking care of children is one of the toughest tasks in the world. Every good mother could tell you better. It is very easy and enjoyable to make love but taking care of a child is not an easy task.  

One thing parents should always remember is, if they want children to learn good habits, they should follow good habits because children copy most bad things their parents do. Physical violence against children must be stopped.

Parents caught abusing, manhandling, torturing or kill a child, should be severely punished. They are equally dangerous like a rapist stalking her victim to harm her and like a virus disabling a computer.