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BRYAN BIRDMAN - Please be matured and respect your self

In the United States of America are great prominent African-Americans, such as Civil Right leaders, religious leaders, abolitionists, science and inventors, entertainers, musicians and a host of other respectable people serving at various institutions. Education and hard work have earned them recognition and respect that they welcomed at everywhere they go.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of senseless, arrogant and moron 
BRYAN BIRDMAN: Too much noise

African-Americans that actions and speeches are mockeries to the Black man. One of such people is Bryan Birdman, aka Baby Williams. A recent article I read about this so called rapper that I don’t even know, states that “With all his elaborate possessions from jewels to cars and homes, Bryan Birdman continue to shine in whatever he does”. Congrats.

Then follows “He once told Forbes Magazine, he tries to wear $I million worth of orthodontics and jewel every day. This is the most stupid statement I have ever heard from someone. Who cares what you wear? Finally, he says he will bet $I0 million on Floyd Mayweather whenever he fights Manny Pacquiao, That’s another pompous and boastful talk.

One of his YouTube videos, Birdman is advertising his cash in dollars by saying that he has stacked money on the floor, everywhere and he walks on it. Is that the way to earn fame or popularity? There are many adults with the brain of a child. Birdman is one of them. I didn’t write this article to give Birdman any disrespect, after all, his actions and foolish talks had already given him disrespect.

I feel very sorry for this man. It seemed education that eluded him has affected his brain. An educated person can never subject himself to such a mockery. If Birdman wants fame or popularity, then I am sorry, he is doing it in a very wrong way. He should take my advice and follow these instructions and he will be famous within a second, and also earned him respect.

Birdman should join a flight to Ghana. At Accra, he should board the bus heading to Cape Coast, in the Central Region of Ghana. Few kilometers to Cape Coast, he will see many villages along the road. He should stop and walk to any of the villages. He would see the children of his ancestors sitting under mango trees studying without any classrooms.

Birdman should provide them a place to learn so that they may escape the heat of the sun and the heavy thunderous rains. Since he has nothing to do with his money and walks on it, he could also build a modern health care center for them. After doing all these he must return to America and see how the people and others from different parts of the world would say about him and be respected.  Some of the decent rappers have done many projects in Africa. Please follow their mind and stop portraying yourself as a moron.

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