Cooking at home builds a happy marriage

Marriage is a bond between a man and a woman, united for the purpose of living together. The wishes marriage couples seek, include happiness, prosperity, and good health. But many times these wishes rather become a nightmare, bringing many marriages to an abrupt end.

One important factor, which many women don't even think about it but could easily bring a marriage to an end, is when the woman doesn't know how to cook. In the African society, a mother teaches her daughter how to cook before stepping into marriage. That is the reason it is rare to find a woman who doesn't know to cook in Africa. Also, divorce is less in Africa.

The experienced African woman, know perfectly well that it is a total disgrace not to her daughter alone but also to her when her daughter doesn't know how to cook. In this case, before her daughter steps into marriage, she teaches her many things, including cooking to build a happy successful marriage and family.

Unfortunately, in the advanced countries, it is not an important issue to a  White woman who doesn't know how to cook because there is a restaurant, pizza, and Chinese foods to order and tin foods at the supermarket. As a married woman, how would your marriage be when after the day's hard work, your husband arrives home to see a can spaghetti bought from the supermarket  on the dining table as his dinner?

The man might not complain, even though he is not happy. How long can he harbour this in him? Eventually, he quickly seeks his happiness somewhere else. Cooking is a profession, yet many can learn as a hobby or as a married woman. There are so many cookbooks  that can help a beginner.

Don't think that putting on the sexiest dress or keeping sexy to your husband all the time would save your marriage. Learn how to cook and be a good wife to your husband. He will love you forever and even boast of how good his wife can cook to his friends. Order your pizza and Chinese once in a month or not at all. They are unhealthy.