"Then he touched their eyes and said 'Because of your faith, it will happen." Then their eyes were opened, and they could see! Jesus sternly warned them, 'Don't tell anyone about this." But instead, they went out and spread his fame all over the region." Mattew Ch 9, 29-31.

"Faith," is reliance, trust, and belief in religious doctrine. It is not object  or substance that can be seen or touched, but evidence of things hope for. The question is "Does faith or believing in something really works? Yes, it does.

The world is full of many writers. Every writer has his or her own interesting subject to write. Some of them are fiction and others are events based on true account. I love to write things that are related to my personal life than taking stories from somewhere.

I grew up in Africa, a continent everyone knows how tough it is as a place with 'Third World Countries,' and to the best of my memory, what kept me strong and alive in that harsh continent, was nothing else than "Faith." It was my sword, shield, armour, protector, and redeemer.

I have hundreds of 'faith' related success stories to tell, but I would like to share this. I have no money, yet I want 110Euro to pay for the cost of books my son is using at a school, he was attending in Antwerp, Belgium. I received a second letter reminding me over this payment, as the time to pay the amount was overdue.

I prayed and had a faith in me that I will get the money to pay the school, even though I don't know where the money was coming from. The next day, I was on my bicycle to work. It was winter and very dark at 5AM, but the lights of my bicycle are very good, therefore I could see the bicycle lane clearly.

Then on the cycle lane, I spotted something like a folded money. I quickly stopped and turned back to where the object lies. (I wasn't sure it's money, so I can't say where the money lies) But when I took it, I realised that it was money. When I unfolded, it was exactly 115Euro. The next day I paid the money to the school.

Here, my 'Faith' has rewarded me 115Euro. Another point is, a miracle of all miracles has taken place. I needed 110Euro, but I received 115Euro. An additional 5Euro that could provide me some few things at the supermarket.

Wh many people don't have faith, even though to have one doesn't cost anything? Some believe in chariots, horses, guns, wealth, and friends. As for me and my family, we don't believe in any of them than 'Faith.' Try God's or Jesus' love, when everything fails. That's where your gift of 'Faith' would be born.