Child abuse has significantly increased online

Sexual abuse against children is now on the increase, despite all efforts by the police and organisations fighting against this heinous crime.

It is sad to note that adults that are supposed to help and protect children are those responsible. According to 'Child Focus," an organisation protecting children in Belgium, last year alone, 513 sexual abuse cases were reported against under-aged children.

For the victims of sexual abuse to come forward and tell their stories, "Child Focus" has introduced a 'chart-channel' to persuade them. According to the report, most of the cases against the victims come from the surroundings of the victim.

"It is very good that children remain confident in their environment to come forward, at the same time we want to offer a solution to victims who have hidden their secret to be confident and come forward also to speak," explains Mr. Dirk Depover, the spokesman for "Child Focus."

The meaning of the 'chart-channel' is the consultants to create a dialogue with the young people to see where and how the victim can get assistance in his environment or in any way to follow judicial. Mr. Depover explains further.

In many cases, adult sex offenders after serving their jail terms, come out to repeat this same offence again. These people have no shame. They are extremely dangerous to the society that when caught and found guilty, must be caged for life.