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PREVENT FOOD WASTE - Let the poor use it.

Tons of food are wasted every year in Europe

Food waste disposal is a growing concern in Europe. It is estimated that about 50% of food produced, ends up in the trash, yet prices of food in the shops have increased and continue to increase significantly.

According to studies, food waste makes up an estimated 8.4% by weight of municipal solid waste in the United States, whilst in the UK, each household buys about 16.5kg of food per week and one-third ends up in the garbage.

"We throw so much food in the rubbish," Says the European Parliament, it is good we adopt some measures to do something about it." As a measure against the waste of food, Europe wants to curtail food waste disposal by 2025, by working with producers, distribution, and consumers.

"Waste costs money and also bad for the environment. Above all, it is morally wrong when other people are starving." Says European parliamentarian Mr. Bart Staes of Green. According to him, it would be a shorter food chain help and a better coordination of production to consumption.

"In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty." This is how the situation is. What is the significance of food getting wasted when there are many poor people in Europe and Africa, that can't even enjoy three square meal in a day?

I watched a Belgium tv documentary, and here are the poor people that roam the streets, picking food from the trash and garbage cans, and at the end of the day, tons of food get wasted. There are better ways the government can adopt to channel these unwanted surplus foods to end up on the tables of the poor.

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