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SEX AND VIOLENCE ON TELEVISION - That's what our children are watching

Television educates children to be violent

The greed in search of money by manufacturers and advertisers is polluting the mind of our children, as some of the image appearing on the television carries nudity and sexual activities.

Almost about 50% of commercial adverts appearing on the television nowadays contain explicit images, in pursuit of earning enough money, without any second thought that television is not only for adults but for children as well.

Violence on television is also another factor affecting the behaviour of children. It is a fact that some murderers are born, but some are made. Those that are made, life were much influenced by the violence of the society and the television.

Children watch violence on the television and go to school to bully other children. They watch pornography, as many of them have a computer in their rooms and discuss at school. 

Parents have a lot of work to by controlling without ceasing what their children are watching on the television. The government must also come out with tougher rules against sexual and violence adverts appearing on the television.

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