Child labour is a big problem in Third World Countries

Slavery has been long abolished, but it has resurfaced in many forms. The disturbing factor over one this new trend of slavery is child abuse, trafficking and labour. Children are constantly kidnapped or sold by their own family because of poverty to work long hours under horrific conditions.

Every child has the right to education. But many of them are far from school doing hard work like adults. This affects their childhood. Many children are drawn into conflicts as child soldiers in many parts of Africa. In Asia, some children are sent to work in hard conditions to defray debts owed by the parents.

Girls between the ages of ten and twelve were often subjected to sexual abuse by adults to make money from them. The stories are many and some are sad and emotional. According to sources in India has an estimated 17 million child labourers working at various places.

Even though there are many organisations worldwide fighting against this form of child slavery, little has been the result. As long as poverty exists, child labour can't be eliminated but can be reduced. However,  since adults are responsible for this crime against children, the offence must carry a heavy sentence to serve as a deterrent to the others.