PRINCESS DIANA'S LETTERS TO BE SOLD AT AUCTION? Britain is a sick society that needs healing

Princess Diana

Britain likes to make money in what ever way that suits the country, but making money out of letters written by the late princess Diana, is something terrible to do, especially taking into consideration of the sad end of this quiet, lonely, beautiful, shy lady. It is like making money out of one's misery.
'According to the news at "Yahoo" news page, a hand-written letter revealing Diana, Princess of Wales's joy at "slipping" in and out of Sandringham the Christmas before she married the Prince of Wales is to go under the hammer, an auctioneer said'.
'The letter, said to be written by Diana to her stepmother Raine, also refers to how much she was looking forward to a trip to Australia, which she went on in February 1981, as well as a mention of a woman she refers to only as "she" '.

Greed and selfishness, blind and close the mind of people to differentiate the right from wrong. How could someone's private letters go under the hammer at auction? This is totally wrong. I will be very glad if the two sons of Diana step in to prevent their mother's letter to be sold, as a respect for her. 

Yes, it was a fact that the private seller who wants J.P. Hambert Auctioneers to sell the letters, used to work for the Late Princess's family. But did Diana gave him or her the letters to keep? The person knew where the letters were and now that Diana is dead, he or she thinks it's the right time to make money out of this. This is a crime.

If J.P. Hambert really desperate to sell any property of the royal family, then they must try the under wear of the Prince of Wales and his lover Camilla Parker Bowles. That would sell very fast.

Finally, Princess Diana is gone. She should be left alone to sleep peacefully in her grave. My blood runs cold and still get confused any time I remember how Prince Charles and her mistress drove this woman to her untimely death.