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The Dutch police force

Maintaining law and order in the society, are two of the roles of many tasks performed by the police. Even though the work of the police differs from country to country, the responsibilities do not change.

The unprecedented number of police officers dismissed from the Dutch Police Force, over the past three years, evidently show that the Dutch police force is in total crisis.

Reports by RTL news indicated that the Dutch police carried out over 4,000 inquiries into misconduct involving activities such as drunk driving, downloading child porn or leaking information to criminals.  That means that there are paedophiles in the police force.

Over the past three years, 219 police officers were sacked over misconduct. A further 101 police officers resigned voluntarily and an additional 179 police officers were suspended. In a reaction, the police leadership called the figure “unacceptable”. It promised to crack down on police misconduct.

In one case, a police officer lived with a drugs dealer. Another officer offered a child money for sex. Three police officers are suspected of murder or manslaughter, or attempted murder or manslaughter.

It will be recalled that in Mach 2010, a policeman in the Southern city of Dordrecht, admitted to the murder of Mille Boele, a 12-year-old girl, who went missing. The girl's body was later found buried in the policeman's garden, few metres from where the victim was living.

With all these crimes unfolding, that sends a quick message to everyone that the police are heading to a wrong direction. They are neglecting their duties and rather involving in bad behaviour and mismanagement. It is therefore, clear that the police force in Netherlands needs overhauling to create a dynamic genuine force to serve the nation.
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