The tools of African witchdoctor

A witch is one that practises witchcraft. In many parts of Africa, it is often said "Only a witch could know or see her fellow witch", yet in Africa, anyone could be called a witch, when the person looks strange and doing abnormal things. Such abnormal behaviours could be symptoms of probably a sickness, but the one had already been classified as a witch.

Poverty, hardships and suffering are common  in life, yet an innocent old woman sitting quietly at her compound could be called a witch and be blamed for someone's suffering. In Africa, witchcraft matters are dealt with cruelty, after consulting witch doctors. 

A man brutally murdered his own mother after a witch doctor told him that his suffering is caused by his own mother. This sounds strange but in many cases, mothers had confessed being the one causing all havocs to their children.

Many simply forget that there is a punishment for every evil thing done on this earth. Some people don't even believe that there is any punishment at all. In the life of cruel people, when they start reaping what they had sown, the only thing left for them is to accuse someone as a witch. 

"I believe when I left Africa to Europe, a witch sat by me in the aeroplane, I have  been living in Europe for over ten years but I am always penniless". This was what an African was telling his friend. I don't believe in such statements.

I believe in witchcraft because I have seen the attack of these unseen forces on people many times in Africa. I  have seen a woman confessing of killing her own child. I have seen a woman confessing of blocking the womb of her daughter making her barren. The stories are many without end. Some of these stories are genuine while others are just fabricated.

In Europe, I have seen an old woman between the ages of seventy and seventy-five riding a bicycle. In Africa, any woman of that age riding a bicycle will be called a witch. There was time, a child preacher came on the scene in Ghana. He preached with passion, giving quotations and references from the Bible. At long last he was called a witch.

 It is time for Africans to eliminate that slavery mentality of accusing people as witch for their own failures.