A beggar

A beggar is someone who can't help himself. He or she is financially handicapped. Therefore to fight for his survival means to beg for a living. Beggars are all over the world, but much more in Third World Countries. They are often seen at busy places, such as shopping centers, train stations, and markets.

I first thought due to poverty that is the reason a lot of beggars were mostly seen in Third World Countries, but now in advanced countries, beggars are now commonly seen every- where. The crave to satisfy drug demand by junkies and other social problems have brought so many people on the streets in Europe as beggars.

I wasn't expecting to see someone opening a trash container in Europe, to look for bread or any food which could satisfy him and eat. But I have seen it a couple of times. Roofless people, dejected and rejected by the society, live on food thrown into refuse containers at the supermarkets.

A beggar has no choice they say but sometimes circumstances beyond their control force them to reject or accept. Another point is since a beggar has no choice doesn't mean that anyone can give them something bad as a gift.

At the central train station in Antwerp, a beggar asked for money and he was given 70 cents, right in front of the one who gave him the money he said, "This is nothing, a cup of coffee costs 2 euros". Then he walked away. The man who gave him the money wasn't happy over the statement the beggar made.

However, in this time of crisis, people must understand the plight of beggars. The beauty part of life is not only going on holidays, drinking and eating, or visiting families. There is also joy in helping others. Giving more than receiving doesn't only gives comfort but also a blessing.