Photo credit: Britain's Mail Online

I have been following  the case of this fatal shooting which left little Tusha paralyzed since it happened. I noticed that one of the culprits name was Kolawole, one with  African roots, probably parents from Nigeria. Even though the two other  accomplices had English names, without seeing their photos, I knew they were definitely blacks too.  Why? The reason is simple and logical. Due to lack of education, most blacks like to be gangsters.

I must make it clear to readers that the writer of this blog “JUSKOSAVE”, is not a Whiteman but a Belgium national, with African roots. I am therefore hundred percent African. It’s necessary to say this  to avoid people accusing me as a white racist, for writing this article against blacks. Frankly speaking, as a black man, at times, I feel very sad to read such stories involving blacks, like what Kolawole, Grant, and McCalla had done to this poor little girl.

For so long after slavery, the Blackman has lost his identity. I dream to see blacks rubbing shoulders with whites in education and becoming responsible people in the society, to heal our wounds. I dream to see blacks as also intelligent people by excelling in everything like their white counterparts. Unfortunately, in the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty. Despite all the educational institutions and facilities, in Europe and the United States of America, many blacks avoid all to be gangsters.

This could be the reason the reason they say “If you want to hide something from  the Blackman, write it in a book. This gangsters life summarises it all. Since they don’t like to school, they  simply don’t read. Education is a key to success, not jail. According to an investigation, with the intention to gun down a rival gang member, the three black morons entered a shop, a place they knew will accommodate many people who are to do shopping. Without thinking of the safety of other innocent people inside the shop, one opened fire, gunning down little Tusha, while playing and also hitting another person shopping. 

Passing sentence, Judge Martin Stephens QC told them: "Not one of you has, in my judgment, shown a sliver of remorse." He went on: "This is an exceptional case of the utmost gravity. Shooting into a shop, a confined space where it was known there were people present, is an attack on society itself by men who saw themselves as outside the law and above the law."

Kazeem Kolawole, 19, of Kennington, south-east London and Anthony McCalla, 20, of Streatham, south London, were given 14 years each respectively and Grant, 21, of Camberwell, south-east London, who had gone out with a "determined, premeditated intention to kill" that day was given 17 years. But would this change the wave of crime in Britain? After listening to those gangster rap music, the next thing is to take guns and wage a war against each other.

Crime and gangsters war can’t be eliminated but can be totally reduced. Strong campaign against gangsters menace in the society must be intensified. Meetings must be held regularly with concern citizens and organise programs to educate on the effect of this social vice in the society, through sports, schools and drama.  Above all, it is the responsibility of every parent to  monitor their children to know what they do and the type of people they keep as friends.