Dexia Bank becomes Belfius Bank & Insurance (But customers want quality service not new name)

Dexia Bank now becomes Belfius Bank and Insurance. For a number of years despite the common mistakes Dexia made like any other bank,  the bank continued to be one of the successful  and famous banks in Belgium, until the global financial crisis. 

The question is, ‘would this new name bring a change to the bank industry when customers are looking for efficiency and satisfaction in bank service?’ Frankly speaking, customers want to enjoy quality efficient service. 

Quality service brings customers and poor customer service drives customers away. It's therefore, wise to say “welcome Belfius Bank, but customers need quality service  but not a new name”.  

Some years back, when a foreigner with working permit and resident permit goes to open an account at Dexia in Antwerp, bank officials denied them access to open an account, by requesting for Belgium passport. 

Yet at the same Dexia bank at Borsbeek, the foreigner will successful open an account without nationality passport request. How could a bank be successful when part of its officials are discriminatory and racists? Thank God today all is over.

After the severe global financial crisis, it was on the lips of everyone that the bank has gone bankrupt. How the bank managed to survive its severe crisis in its banking history is what we see now as Belfius.  

Despite the difficult market environment, the commercial teams of Dexia demonstrated their fighting spirit and strength by steering the bank from the stormy market to a stable one.

Last year Belgium Dexia Bank was sold to the Belgian government at 4 billion Euro, through SFPI, its investment company, while at the same time, Dexia was confronted with the liquidation of one of its old customers, namely Holding Communal. 

Today, Dexia stands as Belfius. This is one of the banks in Belgium, I am always happy and satisfied when I am there. Congratulations.