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Beautiful ladies but mind changes as quick as the weather

Women are creatures very hard to study, even though many people claim they can easily read the mind of a woman. Some say that when a woman says 'No', she means yes, and when she says 'Yes', she means no. Frankly speaking, it's never true, as some can stick to their word.

What I can easily compare the mind of a woman to is the weather. It changes very quickly. At times at work, the gym and other places you may notice a lady smiling at you many times, showing positive signs that she likes you, but if you try to know her more, she will turn you down miserably.

Some ladies are very social and could easily engage one in a conversation while others will totally ignore you when you want to start up a conversation with them. Many ladies always had in mind that one wants them , especially if the person keeps on smiling or greeting them.The fear to be in that similar situation kept me a stern looking man from a certain beautiful lady for several months.

We met several times face to face, without saying anything to her. I am not rude but all that I was avoiding was not to think I want her. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that I was doing something wrong and building hatred for myself. The fact that I never greeted or said hello, made her thought that I hate her or I am a racist. Her daily negative actions toward me became my nightmare.

Her actions made me believe that I have hurt her deeply. The next thing was to find a way to make her happy or to let her know that I don't hate her. But what can I do? This is the question. I was even scared to death to call her and speak to her but one day, an opportunity came my way to change everything in my favour.

I met her with a cup of coffee in one hand while she was holding something else in the other hand. When she got closer to the door, she couldn't open it. I dashed like one completing a race to open the door for her. Since then we are now good friends. I respect her very much. This experience has been my teacher. It is never good for one to think of something negative against someone.

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