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The mouth

The Oxford dictionary defines the ‘Mouth’ as an opening in the head, through which food is taken in and sounds uttered. Personally, I feel that this definition is incomplete. The actual definition of the ‘Mouth’, should have been “An opening in the head, through which food is taken in, sounds uttered and part of the human body that could get one into a big trouble.”

The mouth serves man in his speech. He gets satisfaction after eating and drinking water. The  beautiful songs or melodious tunes, with words of comfort, come from the mouth, making life worthy and happy to live,  yet the same mouth is something that could bring discomfort, worries, troubles and even imprisonment to a man.

In 1999, Glenn Hoddle lost his job, as manager of the England national team, after his comments against disabled people. Glenn Hoddle said “disabled people are paying for sins in previous life”, resulting to his dismissal from work. This is a typical example of what the mouth can cause. Total disgrace and embarrassment.

Liam Stacey spent 56 days in jail over his racial tweet against Bolton player Fabrice Muamba. Fabrice collapsed while playing, if Liam wasn’t prepared to wish him a speedy recovery, he shouldn’t have said anything bad against the footballer at the point of death, instead he posted racial remarks on twitter, provoking many people around the world.

This is not the first and the last careless talk or speech, which has cost people’s job or led one into jail. There is trouble brewing in every part of the world, and people’s life have been turned upside, down all because of what someone said against someone.  I can say that there are two kinds of people. Those who think before they speak and those who speak before they think. The latter one are those who are likely to be in trouble over what they say.

In my country, there is a proverb which says “If you see a stone with a beard, just watch it and go. Don’t speak. This proverb is a warning to people who can’t shut their mouth. There are many people who love to speak about other people. Even at work many like to report other workers to the boss. In fact, just as some people are addicted to drug and alcohol, there are people addicted to talking about other people. It’s their hobby and therefore, could never stop.

Staying out of trouble is a simple rule to follow, yet  many find it difficult to be trouble free. One of the rules which could keep people out of trouble is the practice of listening than  speaking. An empty barrel makes a great noise. In life, great people do not speak much. They learn by listening. It is better to be quiet for people to call you unsocial than to be called a gossiper, talkative and inquisitive. Proverbs 17:28. 'Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise, when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.'

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