It’s the duty of every man (if he doesn’t want to be called selfish) to give his girlfriend or partner, the best sex or satisfaction, which her partner will be addicted to for the rest of her life, making her longing for more every day, both in the summer, winter, rain, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere the love will ignite.

But just as too much kindness could sometimes give one worries, the same way trying to give a woman, (especially one you don’t know) the best sex, via oral, could also put one's health in danger. Oral sex, in short is  giving or receiving oral stimulation to the clitoris. This kind of lovemaking is much adored by thousands of women worldwide that some women could deny one penetration when the person fails to perform the task of oral sex.

Even though oral sex is classified as one of the best act of love, to give a woman maximum satisfaction and orgasm, a number of studies have shown that oral sex is in fact not safe for the health and therefore not a wise thing to do. Sexual transmitted diseases or infections are quickly detected and treated by men, but the infection could be with a woman for weeks and even months, without her knowledge.

A woman can only know she has an infection when she starts discharging unfamiliar fluids or getting information from a man she had slept with. This makes oral sex more dangerous to the health of the man who involves in oral sex with an infected woman.  Studies have shown that easily transmitted infection via oral sex is Herpes, which usually causes cold sores around the mouth.

Another infection transmitted via oral sex is Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea can not easily be spotted by an infected woman but men quickly get the message. After urination follows a burning sensation. It’s the most painful experience ever known. The infection is easily transmitted from an infected genital to a person’s throat.

Other diseases that according to medical research could be transmitted through oral sex is Syphilis, which easily finds it’s way during sex when the person’s mouth comes into contact with an open sore or skin rash caused by the infection. Finally, is the Chlamydia, which affects the throat via oral sex, but according to research this isn’t common as the others.