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Lindsay Sandiford

Like a fight against terrorism to ensure that everyone is safe from unexpected attacks by extreme and violent Muslim radicals, the same way worldwide, governments are fighting against drug to ensure good health for its citizens.

The drug menace, destruction and its drastic effect on people have dented and inflated the medical cost of  many countries which  citizens have been plagued by illegal usage of drugs. America could be  one of the countries in the world with an expensive health care system.

I felt very bad after reading Lindsay Sandiford’s arrest, for allegedly smuggling cocaine worth £1.6 million into Bali, one of the Islands that make up Indonesia. What at all pushed the 56-year-old woman to involved herself in such a situation, knowing perfectly well that when caught she wouldn’t easily get out of this? At her ripe age, this is the time Lindsay should have a nice happy life but not this kind.

In Asia, drug related crime is considered very serious and one could even face a death penalty. “People who sell drugs are wicked, greedy and have no regard to human lives. Therefore, when they are caught, we have no sympathy for them”. This was said by a prison warder being interviewed in a Thailand jail. “They will rot here to death”. He concluded.

The television crew showed a section of the jail which had many foreign inmates, including Africans, mostly from Nigeria. With this kind of treatment to arrested drug couriers, I wouldn’t know how  Lindsay Sandiford would survive in this brutal conditions in an Asian jail.

She covered her face as she was brought out to face the media at a press conference in Kuta, a holiday town on the Indonesian island. Has she regretted now or simple covering her face from the media? Her humiliation increased when she was pictured sitting at a table surrounded by packages wrapped up in brown tape as a customs official cut them open with a knife, after being stopped with the 4.7kg haul in a suitcase as she arrived in Bali on a flight from Bangkok, Thailand on May 19, according to Indonesian customs official Made Wijaya

The British government doesn’t  condone or encourage  its nationals involved in drug trafficking, yet  its foreign mission there must negotiate with the Bali government for Lindsay to be deported to face trial on British soil. Britain has the power to do that because it cares about its nationals. But would Lindsay’s arrest serve as a deterrent to those that wanted a to be a millionaire over night?

A gambler is always a gambler. He only quits gambling when he is poor. But as soon as something comes into his pocket, you will see him once again around the gambling table. Drug trafficking is a lucrative business, until the arrival of Jesus Christ, probably, thousands would be incarcerated for drug-related offences.

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