Despite reading carefully on the internet how to choose a good publisher, I submitted my manuscript to a very bad publisher, which nearly turned my life into a streak of nightmares.

After getting out of this terrible situation, I decided to write my experience as a guide, to prevent other writers determined to publish their books, not to be in the same situation. 

As an aspiring enthusiastic would-be author or someone that wants to make money as a writer, keep away from publishers which adverts are constantly seen on the internet soliciting for manuscripts.

They often begin with, "We want the world to read your book. Our responsibility is to add your name to the list of the famous writers, or do you have a script that could become a Hollywood film?, We are here to guide you to be a published author".

Please, when you read such things from a publisher who has placed an advert on the internet, don't be tempted to hand over your manuscript to them. They are Ghoul, they don't feed on the dead but the living. They are not to make you rich or famous in any way. They are only after your money.

They are sugar-coated tongue criminals in white collar. Just imagine, how could a publisher make you rich and famous when one receives a package of $8.100, for a print on demand publication?

This happened to me and I cancelled the contract with a good fight. The new package was a little over $2.000, which is also much but better than the first package. It took me six months to pay the money, but believe it or not, the book is yet to come out. Do you call that a good publisher? Beware brothers and sisters.

Remember, a good product doesn't need an advertisement. Good publishers never place adverts soliciting for manuscripts but you can easily get them at their websites. It is the writers that go after them. The question is how can a writer identify a good publisher?

Go to the public library or bookshop and glance through most of the famous books in mind. You can quickly see the publisher's name in the book. Since almost all the good publishers are following print on demand (POD) as one of their services, you can contact them and ask for a package.

Via Google or Yahoo, ask "Best print on demand publishers". Soon as possible, you will get the information of the best print on demand publishers or self-publishing, including Lulu, Createspace, Amazon.com etc. 

The above-mentioned publishers are those that I knew could let you see your book published, with good promotion and good royalties. You deserve to be helped, not to be robbed.