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When it comes to gross disrespect, abuse of human rights and racism against blacks, Italians are number one within the euro zones. They do that every day against blacks with impunity. This time, they have gone too far by showing pure racism against Mario Balotelli, a footballer playing for Manchester City and the Italian national team.

Even though anti-racism campaigners have criticized the newspaper "Gazzeta dello Sport" for depicting Mario Balotelli, as King Kong in a cartoon on top of the clock tower Big Ben, that isn't enough. The newspaper has to be sued. Mario shouldn't accept any apology because Italians are like pigs, no matter how you clean them, they will still go into the mud. 

They should be ashamed of themselves. The country has the police, Carabinieri, and Guardia di finanzia, yet they can't fight their mafia gangs, the Camorra and the Ndraghetta, causing panic, misery, death throughout Italy. All that they know best is racism against poor innocent blacks. Italians can't live in their own country, because of mafia activities. This is what the newspapers must fight against but not to insinuate racism.

No one can tell me better about the attitude of Italians against blacks. I lived in Rome for three years and my experience in that city is vividly in my mind like a picture hanging on the wall. One couldn't even identify a genuine policeman from a false one because every criminal has a police badge to rob people. 

They claim to be intelligent, yet they can't speak common English. Their intelligence only lies in racism, mafia activities, robbing banks, killing and ruining businesses of other people that do not want to pay money to the mafia gangs. Blacks don't do this. They should leave Mario Balotelli alone. Shameless people.

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