One of the wonderful phases of the cycle of life, is the arrival of a new born baby into the world, after nine months long agonising pregnancy. The devoted mother after labour, sees her wonderful child in her arms and immediately forgets all the pains she passed through. You can hear the baby crying because he/she is hungry.

Looking after the baby becomes the task of her mother, in the morning, afternoon, evening and the night. The mother can't sleep when the child is sick, making her losing the precious sleep she needs. This uneasy task of bringing up a child will go on every day until the child is of age and could take care of herself or himself.

Like every living thing, human being grows. Yearly after yearly, everyone celebrates his or her birthday. Like a running water going down the drain, everyone becomes old without thinking of how fast the years are going by. Old age is the difficult part of life that many fear. Loneliness, insecurity, and neglection are some of the issues that worry many old age people, even when there are homes or families to take care of them.

A man continues to grow and at certain age becomes like a child once again at his feeding and cleaning of himself. He starts acting like a child, sometimes crying and complaining of things that are unnecessary. Does it really worth to live when you find yourself in this situation? Yes, it worth to live.

Life is more precious than silver and gold. It worth to be in this world to explore, learn and teach. Many simply don't value life because they fully depend on material things, and when they failed to get it, they become disappointed. 

To be happy in life until old age, people need to seek also the spiritual part of life. It is written, "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven". Does this sound stupid? Just give it a try and you will discover the value of life without a second thought of committing suicide when the going gets tough.