UNICEF has been appointing many celebrities as goodwill ambassadors. Some of the celebrities are musicians, film stars, actresses and those with a wide range of talents and achievements. In this case, UNICEF depends on fame and achievement of people, to appoint them goodwill ambassadors.

According to UNICEF “celebrities attract attention, so they are in the position to focus on the world’s eye on the needs of children, both in their own countries and by visiting field projects and emergency programs abroad. That means celebrities play an important role in helping, catering and shaping the lives of children in unpleasant situations.

Unfortunately, UNICEF has failed to run background checks of many female celebrities, if they are qualified to be appointed as goodwill ambassadors or not. These are people working because of children, in this case, it is the responsibility of UNICEF, to appoint decent people that worth to lead children, not porn stars, not celebrities with naked photos all over the internet.

When one checks the background of some of the female celebrities appointed as goodwill ambassadors on the internet, it is shocking to see them naked. Playing nude in a movie is totally different from those that had openly advertised their nude on the internet. Children learn very fast. They are the leaders of tomorrow. They need good teachers and leaders to follow, not celebrities who had polluted the internet with immorality. 

UNICEF is doing a very good job, throughout the whole world, especially in Third World Countries, by fighting against sicknesses and giving vaccinations to children against diseases. In fact, their task is enormous. But for the children to become good leaders and decent people in the society, UNICEF must choose respected people, not soiled and dented celebrities.