The weakness of Adam, to resist the temptation from eating the forbidden fruit, after being lured by Eve, according to the Bible, is now what dating sites dwell on, using women as bait, to make thousands of money from men worldwide.

All over the internet, dating websites are springing up like mushrooms in the bush. They are extremely intelligent on how to let the men, those I will call the weak ones, succumbed to their knees, by displaying the most beautiful ladies at the sites as a bait.

You will see on dating websites "Hundred percent free. Absolute free, register now". Before the end of the registration, you will be confronted by the request of methods of payments, ranging from visa to PayPal. Here, an intelligent man should know immediately that this is money making website, yet many ignore.

For some time now I have been receiving e-mail messages from a dating website calling itself 'Fucbook.' Obviously, this site was built from a stolen idea of 'Facebook', the social network. The advert reads

"There are MILLIONS of horny woman (women) waiting to have sex. These woman(women) are easily searchable and available in your area. We can make it any easier to get laid every day of the week." Finally, they concluded with, "Join FUCBOOK Right now for free and tap into unlimited SEX, no matter where you live.

The question is, when is a man going to show to the world that he is not weak and stupid, as everyone thinks, to prevent the building of these scams and fraudulent dating sites? Surely, I know that I can 'face a book', because of my thirst for wisdom, unfortunately, I can't 'fuck a book', because I don't know how to do that.