‘Curse’, the call for evil to come on person or thing. Does it really work? Wickedness and violence, now rule this world. Therefore, can a victim of a painful incidences’ curse takes effect on the one who was responsible for his or her misery? Yes, it can.

The Holy Bible speaks about curse, and truly if one deserves it,  you can never escape the wrath of a curse pronounced on you. The disastrous effect of curse on people are not commonly seen in advanced countries. But in countries where poverty is very strong, you can’t just steal your neighbour's goat, sheep, cat or property, with impunity from a curse.

There are hundreds of mad people in many Third World countries. If you investigate the circumstances leading most of those people to be in that condition, you will be amazed. The Bible writes, after the cure of Naaman from leprosy, Elisha refused to take any gift from him.

Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, secretly followed Naaman and collected the gifts, saying his master was too easy. God revealed to Elisha what his servant had done. When Gehazi returned to his master, he said to him “Naaman’s leprosy will cling to you and your descendants forever.

Then Gehazi went from Elisha’s presence and he was leprous as white as snow. That is the effect of a curse. Gehazi deserves it for the wrong he did, that was the reason he couldn’t escape it. One mustn’t think this was just a Biblical story, in this case, it doesn’t mean anything.

If you don’t believe in a ‘curse’ just keep it in your mind, but please don’t try it by causing harm or stealing someone’s property, to test if a curse could affect you. If the victim pronounces his or curse on you, there wouldn’t be any room to escape. A curse is like a spiritual anger that cannot be seen. No matter where you are, if you deserve it, you can never escape it.