Many British teenagers live on alcohol

Frankly speaking, during my primary school education in Africa, I became fastinated with the country called 'Great Britain." Because travellers who had visited that country and those ready to go to London, demonstrate certain things that make them elites. Truly, one is always given a special welcome, recognition and attention in Africa, when he or she just returns from Britain.

When I arrived in Europe in 1986, what I used to read from their newspapers, pushed me to find out what events or historical facts made this country to be called 'Great Britain. Even though there is much crime in Africa, I believe in Europe, Britain leads in criminal activities. Forgery, scams, falsification of documents and letters with the intention to defraud, credit cards frauds, embezzlement, stealing and rape are what make headlines in Britain.

Many people think the Dutch are stingy but Britain is number one when it comes to stinginess. The whole world knows about this. They can't even leave a cent or penny behind for a cleaner when they lodge at hotels. It was in Northampton, Britain, I saw two sisters quarrelling over a can of Coca-Cola, what  I never witnessed in Africa, a Third World Country. Teenage pregnancy and alcoholism make headlines.

In fashion, Britain. comes last. Even though they are famous fashion shops, the British dresses shabbily. They wore poor inferior shoes. Obesity is taking its toll on them. The police can't handle and cope up with the surging waves of crime in the country. Stealing of vehicles is on the rise. The country still drives on the wrong side of the road. The salary scale to general workers is very low. People rush in and out from underground stations as if the devil is chasing them.

I read recently that Britain under cover police are allowed to sleep with women they spy on, as a source to gather information. Who is the police boss in that country? Is that the right way to gather information during an investigation?  To sleep with  women as a source to information gathering, during an investigation is a crime.

Maybe I'm completely wrong. But I don't see anything great about this country. I believe it's one of the restless countries to live in the world. Wages are paid weekly and all bills are paid weekly. Many people are roaming roofless and drug addiction has taken its toll on many. Great Britain? Not at all it's 'Hell Britain'.