In many parts of Africa, the passport doesn't mean anything to the immigration officer. They are looking for travellers without a passport to generate some money, thus, holding passport provokes them.

Like the scene of a movie, Babatunde is kidnapped by thieves in army uniform. They were looking for money since he has a bag they thought there was money in it. Over three decades the marks he received from the beatings he had from corrupt army officials can be traced on his body.

Road of Agony", is a marvel of humane, sorrowful and lucid account, in a sharper clearer image of understanding, of how corruption is within the police, border control officers and the army in Africa. The writer has given the truest account of what happened to him, written in a startling manner as an African writer.


Joel Savage was born in Cape Coast, in the central region of Ghana, on January 19,1957. He had his secondary school at both Ebenezer Secondary School and Accra High School in Accra, Ghana. In 1985, while living in Freetown, Sierra Leone, he became a naturalized citizen, therefore losing his nationality as a Ghanaian.

In his lifetime, he was much influenced by his father, who was a veteran journalist. His father's influence propelled his flair for writing at a very tender age. At school, he wrote numerous articles for publication. After secondary school, he followed a course at the Ghana Institute of Journalism, in Accra, to acquire more experience and writing skills.

As a freelance writer, Joel wrote feature articles for the Daily Graphic, Ghanaian Times and Weekly Spectator, in Accra, Ghana, for a certain period. He became a Belgium naturalized citizen in 2008. He is now a prolific writer and accredited card-holding member of  the "Vlaamse Journalisten Vereniging" Flemish Journalist Association, in Belgium. 

He lives in Antwerp, Belgium, with wife and three children, where he freelances for newspapers, magazines, and television.