The Blackman said to the Whiteman that "you are a racist," and the Whiteman also said to the Blackman that "you are a racist." This became more interesting than a common argument.

Nobody is prepared to be called a racist. The question is, who at all is a racist? Racism, the claim of superiority of skin against another person, is something that can't be eradicated but can be reduced.

When one talks of racism, every attention goes to the Whiteman, because the Whiteman is the one people point fingers at as the racist. Frankly speaking, there are Blacks that are more racist than the Whiteman. Again racism is an act that is with everyone.

Why do some people hate others because of sexual preference? Why do people hate other people because of religious preference? The Flemish don't like the Walloons in Belgium. "We don't want them to come and live in our society and ruin our culture." What a racist comment made by a Flemish politician against the Walloons. The Italians hate the Albanians. I don't see this only as discrimination but also racism.

The African is accusing the Whiteman as a racist but when you go to Africa, you will learn how they hate themselves over there. The Yoruba man hates an Igbo man in Nigeria, a Fanti hates an Ashanti in Ghana, a Hutu hates Tutsi in Rwanda, and a Creole man hates the Temini man in Sierra Leone.

If the Africans hate themselves why then do they accuse the Whiteman of racism? Nobody is a racist or in my opinion, everyone is a racist. If people will understand, respect and value other people in regard to the colour of the skin, religion or sexual preference, the world be a peaceful place to live. Let God judge. Don't judge.