A depressed teenager

The rate at which teenagers are now committing suicide is now overwhelming. The idea of a young person killing him or herself, because of worries, pressure, or frustration is devastating and affects the family, school, friends and the community.

Barely a months ago, a girl of sixteen visited her friends to have a swim in a swimming pool. Three days later the girl's mother called the family where her daughter went to the swimming pool that she has committed suicide. She just waited for a coming train and jumped on the rail. It is a very complicated issue trying to find the reason some children or teenagers end up their lives tragically in this manner.

The questions are, do they hate themselves? Are they being bullied? Why suddenly life is meaningless to many teenagers when they have parents to take care of them? When a teenager starts to smoke heavily and taking alcohol frequently, parents shouldn't wait long to help the child. Sometimes parents are too hard on children for the fear of something happening to them, especially when the child wants to lead the life he wanted best.

When any parents are confronted with such issues there are organisations and trained people ready to help the child. Parents must be very close to their children and speak to them often to know what if there are happy or not over something. Here the child will be happy that his parents are showing concern, signifying the love for him. The child will therefore tell them what ever is worrying him for his parents to give him help.