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TONY NICKLINSON, be strong, you can make it.

Tony Nicklinson and wife Jane. Photo credit:Yahoo News

The story of Tony Nicklinson is not only emotional but a very sad story indeed. His picture showing his anguish speaks it all. God only knows what this man is going through.

Even though it may seem cruel to many people worldwide, as the three judges in court, denied his wish to end his life, after suffering a stroke, which left him paralysed in 2005. The doctors and solicitors did the right thing by not granting his request.

Just imagine, when one kills a person, he faces a murder charge. In this case, when a person is not dead, but because of suffering someone helps him in any means to support and to speed up his death, the person is also a murderer.

Let's be sincere, despite the amazing discovery of modern technology, which had saved thousands of lives in our hospitals, who is the first person to raise his hand that he has put a breath into a dead man's nostrils to wake him up? If one has no power to raise up a dead man, why must he take someone's life voluntarily?

Jane, Tony's wife, is a hard working woman, who has taken good care of her husband, since 2005. I don't understand the reason she wants to give up now, after all, these years. I plead that she should cancel the idea of making an appeal for the court to grant her  husband's request. Life, worth more than silver and gold.

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