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Money is something that no one could have a better life without it. Money rules our daily lives in eating, education, clothing, accommodation, the shoes we wear, and almost everything that gives comfort in life. However, does money bring happiness? 

Many people think and believe that money, fame and beauty would make them happy. Therefore they follow such things eagerly, only to be miserably disappointed when they couldn't get the happiness there were longing for. If happiness could be derived from money and material things, it wouldn't have been neccessary for Jesus, to identify the key to happiness.

Jesus said, "Happy are those conscious of  their spiritual need". Matthew 5:3. Genuine happiness can only be found if people will depend heavily on spiritual needs rather than material needs. One may ask, how can spiritual need help me when I can't pay my bills with it? Spiritual need builds faith, trust, comfort and hope which will make you survive those difficulties you are facing. The assurance of faith and hope, give you a happy mind to live a  happy life.

But those that depends heavily on material things and money, easily get disappointed, frustrated and mentally disturbed. The next thing many try is to kill themselves. The truth can be found in the Bible. There are many rich people miserable like a church mouse, while the poor who struggle to eat live happily.

Building your spiritual faith through the Bible, leads to a more meaningful life.

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