There are so many writers in the world. Each has his or her own subject of interest. Some write about fiction, agriculture, science and children stories while others prefer fairy tales and horror stories. As a man who has suffered a great deal, traumatized and haunted by my past bitter experiences I have no room in my life for fiction. This certifies the accounts of this book is genuine, leaving no doubt of its truth.

After writing and publishing, “The Writer Died” and “The Road of Agony,” I had the inspiration to write this book. What is the significance of writing this book at all? Is it worth reading? What will readers get from reading this book? These are some of the questions cracking my brain. 

Knowing perfectly well the torment of being an illegal immigrant  and as an eyewitness to how the need to get a resident permit in Europe and America has destroyed the lives of many immigrants, especially Africans, I put in enormous effort to write this book.
In Europe and the United States of America, the quest of immigrants to obtain legal status and become documented has destroyed many people. Some are insane, depressed; speak at random without stopping, dress shabbily without noticing how they look and some ending up in jail, detention and death taking them away, all because of a resident permit. 

Apart from the inhuman activities, methods, strategies, and procedures adopted by authorities that issue resident permits against immigrants, to frustrate them in order to not get their legal papers, the act of the documented foreigners against their fellow ones without a permit is totally insane and obscured.

An African is not only dark in colour but could be dark also sometimes in the mind. As an illegal African in Europe, especially in a country like Holland, you’re worth nothing to a documented African. You are like salt that has lost its taste. You need to be thrown away for people to trample on you. 

It is the documented African that would make it clear to you that if you are undocumented, you don’t have to join the conversation of the documented. Even if you are right, you are wrong because you have no documents. When slapped across the face by the documented, you don’t need to hit back because you are an illegal immigrant, and when being cheated, accept it.

Take a deep breath and read about my experience in Europe as an illegal immigrant, before I became documented. “Overseas Chronicle-The Rome and Amsterdam Experience” is like a picture hanging on the wall. I see it every day. I can't take it out of my mind. 

Read this remarkable book revealing the true untold story of an illegal immigrant in Rome and Amsterdam.

        1.   Detained At the Fiumicino Airport, Rome
       2.  Sleeping At Rome Central Station and Pantanella
       3.  Help from the Caritas
 4.  Living and Working At Sacrofano
       5.  In Accra, Ghana
       6.  In Bijlmer, Amsterdam
       7.  Working as an Illegal Immigrant
       8.  Working under a New Name
        9.  In Detention
      10. Going for Advocate
      11. The Struggle over Gun
    12.The Death Of Princess Diana
     13. Arrested At Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
     14. Exploited by two Dutch Lesbians
    15. Revisiting Rome and Back to Amsterdam After Documented
    16. The Female Angel in Police Uniform