The hot pursuit of fame, money and success continue to be an obsession. We are in a world which if one doesn't appear on the television, you are not classified as a human being. There are intelligent people, writers, civil servants, engineers, pilots, soldiers, and police, serving their countries, but because they don't appear on the television, they aren't known and society gives them little respect and recognition.

It is now a competition. Many people would do everything and anything to be famous. Many female celebrities because of fame, would open their legs, without  underwear to show their hairy or shaved vaginas to photographers, for the media to get something to write. The most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I wonder if they are mothers and raising children. Lance Armstrong as one of the world's most respected cyclists, his  thirst  for fame has led him to deviate. He used banned sports steroids, enhancement drugs and continuously deceiving the public.

In his recent interview with Oprah, Lance Amstrong admitted he cheated during most of his famed career and that he bullied people who dared to speak the truth about him. After denying doping allegations for more than a decade, he said he used banned drugs or blood transfusions during all seven of his victories in the Tour de France. " I will spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologise to people", said Lance Armstrong.

"Do you think this big shame and embarrassment would be the last thing in sports?". Trust me, more is yet to come. Nothing would serve as a deterrent to man. As long as many are thirsty for fame, money and power, they will do everything to achieve this, regardless the consequences. Some are lucky to escape disgrace but many will be exposed. We should be prepared to read more such news in the future. Lance Armstrong has disappointed his fans.