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A Study of Ugandan Women Poets: Susan Kiguli and Mildred Kiconco Barya By Shallon Maureen Atuhaire

"Human Rights and Poetry" is a study of the contribution made by Ugandan women poets and the extent to which these women writers have advocated for human rights beyond and above women’s rights in their society. The study focuses on the works of two distinguished women poets – Susan Kiguli's "The African Saga" and Mildred Kiconco Barya's "Men Eat Chocolates but They don’t Say" and "The Price of Memory: after the tsunami". 

This writer identifies the human rights concerns addressed and lessons learned; examines the effectiveness of the stylistic devices used by the poets and makes interesting conclusions regarding human rights advocacy in Kiguli and Barya’s poetry. Although the two poets differ in style, language use and presentation, the study establishes that their contribution to the field of poetry and development of their society reaches well beyond the confines of women’s rights and cuts across almost all universal human rights 
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