Frustrated Mobistar Company Suspends Customers Numbers

The global economic crisis which followed after the 11 September attack, was so severe that many companies went bankrupt and those which survived are still recovering.

One of such companies which have lost many of its customers and still losing is the telephone company 'Mobistar'. As the telecommunication market increased, it became a competition. Many are offering good and affordable rates to target customers Apart from Mobistar are other phone companies such as Ortel, Base, Proximus, Belgacom and Lyca.

Many users, especially foreigners who communicate with families at long distances started shifting from Mobistar, whose call rates are very expensive compared to other affordable telephones companies. Take 'Lyca' for example, some one can use 5 Euros credit to speak to his family in Africa, for about ten minutes, and still have a left over call credit of about 2 Euros 50 cents.

This is totally impossible with Mobistar even if one buys 15 Euros worth of credit card. Because of this problem, foreigners are facing, many considered the buying of credit from Mobistar as a waste of money. Those using Mobistar have no choice than to buy 5 Euros credit once in a month or in two months.  

After a series of warning from Mobistar that they will suspend my number, an act to intimidate users to buy credit, they finally suspended the number 0497/024967, which I have used for the past thirteen years. If Mobistar thinks this is a good strategy to lure users to buy credit, then I am sorry they are wasting their time, moreover, they are going to lose a lot of customers more than ever.

Why would one buy a credit worth 15 Euros but can't speak to his family in Africa for ten minutes, when 5 Euros from Lyca can do the job? Suspending my number can't intimidate me to go running to any of the Mobistar offices to negotiate or buy a credit. Thanks to the amazing discovery of internet and Skype, I will send my new number to my family within  few days.