Internet frauds and scams

Alex Aurora

The world is becoming harder and harder financially. Many have designed ways and means to get easy money from people who easily succumbed to scams and frauds. One of such social websites well orchestrated siphoning hundreds of dollars from innocent people is Fanbox.  

Fanbox has been successful in tricking members to join the site and send e-mails of false earnings, but no one has ever claimed of receiving any earnings. One of the females who claims to be a success coach and finds her way to interact with members requesting for IPL fees for the earnings is Alex Aurora.

Any intelligent person should know immediately that this is a scam. How could one earn $3,000 dollars and be requested to pay IPL monthly fees to protect your earned money. That amount is enough for Fanbox to take that IPL fee from it.

Unsuspecting members pay the IPL fee and then it follows monthly and monthly without ceasing. Many who had fallen victims to this fraud, without earning anything, quickly cancel their credit card details for new one or go to the PayPal account to stop further payments.

Money stolen from members ends up in the wallet of Alex Aurora (Who even knows if she uses her real name) and she uses it to financed her expensive holiday trips abroad. At her page on Fanbox, you often read 'Alex Aurora earned this $..., tricking members to believe that she is reaping what she earned from Fanbox.

Please, this is only the media I can use to make things clear to you. Don't fall prey to these false earnings. Keep away from this website. A word to the wise is enough. Seeing is believing. At this blog are pictures of Alex Aurora enjoying her holidays at the expense of unsuspecting members.