Immigration: Europe Doesn't Make One Rich Overnight. That's The Simple Truth.

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Through culture diversity, I would like to share my experience as an African writer with you. Joel Savage is a freelance writer, who enjoy the challenges of creativity and adventure.

I arrived Europe as an illegal immigrant couple of years ago. One of my sleeping places was the central train station in Rome. I worked as a houseboy and raised enough money to come to Amsterdam. It was during my efforts to get papers I landed in detention. After getting my papers, I decided to write my story as books.

The are many people in Africa, eager to sell all their properties with the aim of coming to Europe. Through the media, I have encouraged people to read my books before making the decision of coming to Europe. Many think Europe makes one rich overnight, I use my books as a teacher educating the masses how difficult it is to be an illegal immigrant in Europe.

On immigration issues on how to educate Third World Countries about the difficulties of being an illegal immigrant and prevent them from coming to Europe , I'm available to share my experience. I do always ask how can I be useful to educate desperate Africans willing to come over Europe at all cost when Europe doesn't make one rich overnight?

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