Every politician knows the difficulty in governing Belgium, because of political and ethnic differences. The enmity between the Dutch-speaking Flemings in the north of the country and the French-speaking Walloons in the south once left the country without government for 541 days.
Bridging the division between the country's linguistic groups hasn’t been easy, but things are getting more complicated, because of the ideology and philosophy of one particular person, the New Flemish Alliance Party leader, Bart De Wever. The mayor of Antwerp wants to divide the country because of the rich north and the poorer southern regions of the country. This meaningless  and selfish ambition reminds me of Nigeria, which similar incidence led to the civil war between Nigeria and the Biafra.
I know that there wouldn’t be a civil war in Belgium, as politicians and entire Europe would not let this to happen but many including the Secretary of State for Asylum, Immigration and Social Integration Maggie De Block, is against the splitting of Belgium. A country’s national resources are distributed equally to develop both poor and rich regions. Division causes more problems and may plunge the country into deep economic crisis.
In a recent interview with ‘La Libre Belgique’ the popular Open VLD politician expresses her sentiment and dislike over the idea of Bart De Wever splitting Belgium. "I want a strong Flanders in Belgium, and a strong Europe. I feel proud as Fleming, but also as Belgian and European."  The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration indicates that the future of the Flemings is located in Belgium, therefore "Splitting is a bad idea."   
The Open VLD politician said Bart De Wever has his ideas, which cannot be changed, she respects his ideas but “We must stand up for our own and do not compete with others."   Maggie De Block further expresses her concern over the constantly changing attitude of Bart De Wever.  That is very true. A man like Bart De Wever, mind can never be stable. I wonder if he has been sleeping well.
As a witness to Belgium’s political events for the past thirteen years, I see past political upheavals as just the tip of the iceberg. More threatening political problems are under until the linguistic differences are solved on common ground. As for Bart De Wever, he should be careful what he wishes for, because the mouth which said “Hosanna! Hosanna! Here comes Christ the Redeemer, was the same mouth which said crucify him. The people who are encouraging him to pursue that division ambition, would be the same people who would turn against him when his political days’ turn to darkness.