Producing a quality product may involve processes which cost a lot of money, but the difficult part of it is targeting the right people or consumers for the product. That's where marketing and promotion come in.

Without marketing, one's product can be on the market for ages without progress in sales. It's therefore, necessary for a producer to make the right advert to attract customers to buy that product. In regard to food, adverts must be done in the interest of consumers generally, because food is a commodity bought by everyone.

On my way to work, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw an advert of 'Bioform Bread' at the bus stop where to catch my bus in Antwerp. The questions in mind are "If the advert was made to generate money or the bread is for only white people? The reason is, the picture of the advert show three whites, thus; telling consumer probably that product is made for only white people.

In every country where there are different citizens, adverts should carry the right message for everyone to understand. This bioform bread advert is completely a flop. If they really mean business and want consumers to believe that the bread is for everyone, and also want better sales, then they should do the right thing after all Belgium also has great blacks in sports.