ANTWERP, July 17, 2014 - Imagine a world without books, poets, authors and writers, how is it going to be? Many writers, scientists, and people from all walks of life, continue to change the world with their wisdom and philosophical ideas.
Technology is improving daily, gradually enhancing education and our environment, giving us hope for a better world in the future.

One aspiring young writer who is gradually making her presence felt in the world of literature is Yvonne Mahlape Maserumule. Born and raised at Phokoane, Limpopo, she currently lives in Acornhoek, Mpumalanga Province in South Africa.

At a very tender age, she has always been fascinated by magazines and various works of literature.  The English language rates as one of her best subjects in High School, where she especially fell in love with the literary work of Shakespeare, Stephen King, Danielle Steel and many other authors of high calibre. During her high school years her outstanding creative abilities got quickly noticed, and in her final academic year in 1992, her short story, SCHOOL DAYS, got published in Drum Magazine.

Her then Headmaster at St Mark's College (Jane Furse, South Africa), Mr Peter Anderson, was a great fan of her writing abilities and encouraged her to consider a career that would enable her to unveil and promulgate her God-given writing talent. She's currently developing a blog titled: ‘My world of fantasy and reality, in which she acknowledges, among others, the late former President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, who has been her inspiration. 

Yvonne also blogs on issues that are of common human interest, such as SUBSTANCE ABUSE and its impact on households. On 19th June 2014, Dr Yomi Garnett broadcast a Radio Promo celebrating the creative abilities of this young lady live from the studios of VOICEAMERICA in Phoenix, Arizona. She has recently established a strong relationship with creative people in the field of writing, such as Jeannie Faulkner Barber, Marta and Merajver Kurlat, who have been tremendously supportive of her writing career in its infant stage.

One of Yvonne's aspirations is to launch a Christian blog, through which she hopes to share the love of Christ with her current and future contacts. She is also working on a collection of short stories that she hopes to publish very soon, either in print or online. Apart from her writing career, she enjoys collaborations and involves in various volunteering projects which involve working with and aiding the impoverished, the homeless and the sick. 

One of her greatest passions is working in children ministries and teaching young ones about the love of Christ.  She is therefore hoping to enroll for courses related to Social Work in the near future, to enable her to establish a career in this field.