Jammeh against Europe and America

Yahya Jammeh of Gambia

Many African leaders think they have had enough from colonial masters and wouldn't like to do anything with them. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia are two of them. They suddenly became enemies because of their views on homosexuality and the fact that the West find it hard to deal with them.  In fact, the West and America pray to see an immediate end to the governments of Mugabe and Jammeh.

The Western media quickly find faults against the two African leaders for human right violations and muzzling of the press, but gross human right violations are daily witnessed in Advanced Countries than Africa. Due to poverty, Advanced Countries use aid as a weapon against Africa, as they threaten leaders to accept homosexuality and all their immoralities which have destroyed their community. Any strong African leader is seen as a threat and the only way they think could subdue them, is to dominate the leaders with unfriendly political issues.

Mugabe is on the list as one of the most hated leaders in Africa, followed by Yahya Jammeh. In 2008, Jammeh gave an ultimatum to gays and lesbians to leave his country, saying he would "cut off the head" of any homosexual found in the nation. Two years later the European Union canceled €22 million (HK$236 million) of aid because of concerns over human rights and governance issues. Financial aid to Africa is a granted loan to pay back, so why this bluff?

The big question: Whenever any epidemic breaks, how many people go to Africa to deal with the situation? (Thanks to those who have sacrificed their lives to help Ebola victims in Africa) Africa is a continent which has suffered a great deal. World leaders should understand the reason Africa leaders don’t trust them any longer. No one listens to the voice of an African leader; the West, therefore, shouldn’t expect African leaders to listen to whatever they say.

“What brought Britain in the first place to Gambia? The trade in ivory because Gambia had a lot of elephants, they ended up wiping out the elephants and turned around and started selling Africans. The British instituted slavery. The only thing they left us, unfortunately, is the English language,” said Jammeh. The reason he wants to drop English as an official language in his country.

Gambia as a member of former British colonies shocked the Commonwealth by withdrawing from the 54-nation bloc, calling it ‘An extension of colonialism.’ People aren't sincere and far from the truth. African leaders have seen their betrayal and underestimation and wouldn't like to drive us like puppets on a string. Many believe money is what is going to solve the problems in this world, not at all, we need to love ourselves, meaning taking the plight of others into consideration to give them the love and care they deserve.