EBOLA: Worries Over The Spread Of The Virus To Europe

Many times scientists carry out dangerous experiments when finding solutions to problems. Some try it on animals, others choose the underprivileged people. The reason Africa has been a victim to many cruelties and humanity crimes.

But sometimes they forget that what goes around, comes around.

The following statement was given by ambulance personal in the biggest newspaper in Holland “De Telegraaf” and the RTL-Television. Ebola-suits are not reliable, says ambulance personal to the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” and RTL- Television.

Those suits which have to protect them against the catching up of the Ebola virus aren't safe. Also, the gloves are not sufficient because they easily get destroyed. Even the masks they are wearing are very dangerous because they only give protection against smog but most certainly not against Ebola virus they said.

According to an ambulance personnel a fire worker is better protected against a little bit of smoke then they are for Ebola. The ambulance personal stated also that suits in other western countries are much better...

Former Prof dr. Roel Coutinho of the Governmental Institute of Health and Environment stated: “it is absolutely impossible that we will see an Ebola epidemic in civilized countries."