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Aids And Ebola Are Medical Terrorism Against Africa by Europe And America

The resting place of poor victims of Ebola in Africa

Without any support from the European and American media, since the beginning of this year, I have been working very hard with Joel Savage, a writer, who also advocate truth, to let the whole world, including Africa, know that Aids and Ebola were man-made diseases or created in laboratory and used on poor innocent defenseless Africans by Europe, Russia and America.

In fact, just like the fight against terrorism continues unabated, we (Dongen and Savage) will also continue to establish the truth that Aids and Ebola, were indeed medical crimes against Africa, for military defending purposes, to de-populate and cause mass human destruction and panic in the continent of Africa.

We are asking European and American leaders to show concern to Africans, the same way they showed concern over terrorism in France or in any part of this world. It’s pure hypocrisy for Europe and America, to haunt perpetrators of terrorism, when they are free after committing the same medical terrorism in Africa.

Professor Dongen's research on Aids and Ebola as medical crimes against Africa, was first published in Dutch, before translation.

Again it’s pure hypocrisy for Europe and America, to haunt down the perpetrators of Nazi crime, when those that committed the medical crimes are enjoying their lives with impunity. Do we have to ask, is it because those medical terrorism against Africa were committed many years ago, while terrorism is freshly taking place in  Europe and America? If the answer is yes, then there is no law and if there is, then the law is an ass or raped.  

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