AIDS & EBOLA: Belgium’s Professor Van Der Groen Lied Over The Origin Of The Diseases

Belgium's Professor Van Der Groen

The Aids pandemic and Ebola epidemic have generated many controversies all over the world, since the outbreak couple of months ago, hitting Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, but only the happy few have access to any inside information of the Aids and Ebola research.

What many people don’t know, according to Professor Johan Van Dongen, is the viruses of Ebola were long created within bacteria factories, with dubious micro-organisms and given different names such as Reston virus, Belgrade virus and Marburg virus. 

It was when the first outbreak of the virus which occurred near a small river in Africa called Ebola, gave the name of the disease as Ebola. “This is how scientists give names to their findings,” He added.

In Africa there were varieties of wide experiments of dubious scientists, including a crook called Hillary Koprowski. Later there was hunt to catch this man. On his normal course of business, he used genetically contaminated engineered vaccines on innocent children in Africa. Not only African children suffered the effect of contaminated vaccine.

In Australia between 1940 and 1970 hundreds of orphaned children, including babies were used as guinea pigs to test vaccines against influenza, pertussis and herpes. This atrocity was confirmed by David Vaux, an expert on infections. In the largest experiment, about 350 children were all injected with doses intended for adults.