Flemish Journalists Association end of year general meeting at the famous Basilica of Koelkelberg.

Flemish Journalists Association end of year's general meeting at the famous Basilica of Koelkelberg. Behind the table are some of the active leaders, Eric Braeken, Ronald Libin- treasurer, Eric Of Kutsem-Co-chairman, Kristin Spiessens etc. Photo credit: @JoelSavage

The Vlaamse Journalisten Vereniging (Flemish Journalists Association) is one of the skilled independent journalists' associations in Belgium for ages improving the working conditions and profession of journalists serving various media in the country.

Kristin Spiessens, Eric Of Kutsem and Walter Van Den Branden

Kristin Spiessens, Eric Of Kutsem and Walter Van Den Branden: Photo credit @JoelSavage

The active force behind the association:Raoul Maria De Puydt, Hilde Van Gool, Walter Van Den Branden, Eric Braeken, Ronny Of Kutsem, Ronald Libin etc, and other members successfully held this year’s general meeting in the magnificent building of the Basilica of Koekelberg, in Brussels, on Saturday, December 3, 2016. 

Joel Savage and Dominique

Joel Savage and sports journalist Dominique Dongo

The Flemish Journalists Association meets twice in the middle and end of the year but the end of the year’s activities call for the entire members since the main item on the agenda is the discussion of the new statutes and the elections, which were approved by the assembled members.

Members of the Flemish Journalists Association at the Basilica's restaurant:Photo credit @JoelSavage

Every year, new locations are suggested for the general meeting. The venue this year was the famous Basilica of Koelkelberg. The history behind the Basilica is intriguing like it’s architecture and paintings. The Basilica is a unique and one of the most important tourists' attractions in Belgium’s history of tourism.

Joel Savage and members of VJV at the Basilica's restaurant

Some years back, it wasn't in my interest to attend the Flemish Journalists Association end of year's general meetings but things have changed completely as journalism in the country broadens and disciplined. 

The friendly atmosphere and the interaction of the open-minded members are some of the qualities worth to enjoy being a member of this journalism group.